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IvyLife spinoff Virtual Networking Organization (VNO) is for serious networkers who want to join a dedicated VNO Networking Team.

Our Networking Teams meet weekly by videoconference to share business advice and client referrals and to serve as each others' "personal board of directors."

Your VNO Networking Team Provides:

✔  Category Exclusivity in Your Professional Niche

✔  Weekly Video Meeting Focused on Relationship Building and Referrals

✔  Fun and Effective Team Building Exercises

✔  24/7 Access to a Private Discussion Forum Exclusively for Your VNO Team

✔  The Opportunity to Lead Your Own VNO Team in 3-6 Months — Doubling Your Referral Opportunities

✔  An All-Purpose Support Network — Your "Personal Board of Directors"

Join VNO Today for just a few dollars per week.


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