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IvyLife NYC Networking Events

For nearly 10 years, IvyLife has been organizing casual, fun and highly-focused networking events for Ivy League alumni, faculty and students in and around the New York metro area.  

Our primary emphasis is on productive professional networking, helping IvyLife members develop meaningful connections in numerous fields, because it is essential for all of us to have a "personal board of directors" made up of smart and high-achieving individuals we can call upon for advice, business referrals, career leads ... and of course, friendship!

Even as we offer increasing ways for IvyLife members around the world to connect, share and collaborate online, we will be continuing to run our classic networking events in NYC and beyond.

As always, our events are affordable too — so why not sign up right now for a few of our events below?


543 E. 17th Street

Brooklyn, NY  11226



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