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IvyLife Mosaics provides a forum for Ivy League alumni to promote and discuss diversity across every profession, educational institution and community.  Our bi-monthly videoconference, led by experts with specialized knowledge, tackles a wide range of timely and important diversity related topics, from gentrification in urban centers, to challenges faced by women in traditionally male-dominated professions, to potential bias in standardized testing.

Listen to audio (MP4) files from previous IvyLife Mosaics conferences — please click on the name of the conference below, listen and enjoy!

1.  Leslie Talbot — May 31, 2017 — The Need for Systems Disruption: Why the Majority of Black and Brown Students Still Can't Access Quality Public Education.

IvyLife Mosaics Discussion Forum

This forum is for IvyLife Mosaics members to connect online and discuss issues of diversity within the Ivy League alumni community. Click below to start a new discussion topic!
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